Dimensions of the Chevrolet S10 - Generation 3 (2012-)

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On this page, you will find the general dimensions of the Chevrolet S10 Base generation 3 (2012-present), including cargo box dimensions. This page won't display all dimensions. If you are looking for the exact dimensions of a specific cab style, please select one below. First, let's make sure we have the right truck in front of you:

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Production years: 2012 - present Generation: 3 Type of van: pickup Body styles: Extended Cab Crew Cab Also called: Holden Colorado Chevrolet Colorado HSV SportsCat GMC Canyon

Dimensions in tables

S10 truck bed dimensions

Bodystyle Crew Cab
Short Box (5'2")
Crew Cab
Long Box (6'2")
Extended Cab
Long Box (6'2")
Volume (cu. ft.) 41.3 49.9 49.9
Length at floor 61.7 74 74
Inside height 20.9 20.9 20.9
Width at wheelhouse 44.4 44.4 44.4
Maximum width at floor 57.8 57.8 57.8

Wheelbase of the S10:

Bodystyle Length (inch)
Crew Cab - Short Box (5'2") 128.3
Crew Cab - Long Box (6'2") 140.5
Extended Cab - Long Box (6'2") 128.3

This model comes in 2 body styles

There are 2 bodystyles for this S10 Base in our database. For exact dimensions, please click on one below:

Most truck models come in different body styles. The S10 comes in 2 body styles. Typically the dimensions of different bodystyles differ slightly. The dimensions will greatly overlap, so this page will be helpful to get a general sense of sizing. You can click through to more detailed dimension pages per cab style.

Body styles generally have different cab styles, with the most common ones being the regular cab (two-door), extended cab (more space behind seats), and crew cab (four-door). Manufacturers also offer different trim types, although these will generally not affect dimensions so we don't always list them here.

Chevrolet S10 Crew Cab

Check the dimensions of the Crew Cab

Chevrolet S10 Extended Cab

Check the dimensions of the Extended Cab

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