Mitsubishi Triton - Club Cab Dimensions (2017-)

TuRbO_J from Adelaide, Australia, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons / We where unable to find a picture of the Club Car model, this is a picture of the Double cab Triton

On this page you'll find the exact dimensions for the Mitsubishi Triton Club Cab GLX+ generation 5, made from 2017 and currently still being produced. Below we'll list the dimensions for this pickup from verified sources. First, let's make sure you have the right dimensions in front of you:

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Production years: 2017 - present Generation: 5 Type of van: pickup Model variant: GLX+ Body style: Club Cab Also known as: Mitsubishi L200 Mitsubishi Strada Fiat Fullback Ram 1200

Dimensions in tables

Triton truck bed dimensions (Club Cab)

Truck bed dimensions Club Cab
Volume (cu. ft.)
Length at floor 1850
Inside height 475
Width at wheelhouse 1085
Maximum width at floor 1470

Wheelbase of the Triton:

Wheelbase Length (inch)
Wheelbase (mm) 3000

Exterior dimensions of the Triton Club Cab:

Dimension 4x2 4x4
Overall length (mm) 5295
Overall height (mm) 1780

Exterior width of the Club Cab:

Exterior width 4x2 4x4
Overall width (mm) 1815

Club Cab miscellaneous dimensions

Miscellaneous dimensions 4x2 4x4
Ground clearance (mm) 205
Cargo body floor height from ground (mm) 850

Interior dimensions

1st row dimensions Club Cab
Head room 1020
Shoulder room 1430
Hip room
Leg room 1067
2nd row dimensions Club Cab
Head room 924
Shoulder room 1368
Hip room
Leg room 725

Turning circle of the Triton:

Turning circle: Kerb-to-kerb Wall-to-wall
Turning circle (m) 11.8

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